Fit Underground and Jazz in the Gallery

In addition to the eight main stage productions, the FIT festival also includes free live music.

FIT Underground is a uniquely bohemian space that features a stage with live music by local artists and a concessions stand with light refreshments available at the shore level of the Bath House Cultural Center.

FIT Underground performances are scheduled to begin at 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays, soon after the last FIT theater show of the evening ends.

FIT also features sessions of jazz, presented weekend afternoons inside the Bath House art gallery, surrounded by the art featured in the Revived with Light and Dead Photographers Association exhibitions.

Visit the Bath House Cultural Center’s website at www.bathhousecultural.com to learn about the gallery exhibitions.

The FIT jazz series features an eclectic group of musicians. Musical shows range from contemporary folk to experimental jazz, and relate to the environment with which it is created. Similar to the theatrical performances featured during the FIT festival, the music performances place an emphasis on original work and the work of local jazz musicians and composers.