2019 Shows

Brad McEntire in THE BEAST OF HYPERBOREA - credit - Audacity Theatre Lab[16056]

Audacity Theatre Lab

The Beast of Hyperborea

by Brad McEntire

Brad McEntire does it all in this thrilling and humorous one-person show. This Victorian adventure tale concerns a fabled beast, a mysterious island and the brave team of explorers who set off to discover them both.

Created and performed by Brad McEntire

Bootstraps Comedy Theater


by Adam Szymkowicz

Bootstraps founders Matt and Kim Lyle star in this quirky, offbeat comedy about a quirky, offbeat couple on their desperate search for love. Local comedy legend Jeff Swearingen directs.

Directed by Jeff Swearingen
Cast: Kim Lyle and Matt Lyle

Flexible Grey Theatre Company

Sky’s the Limit

by Lane Michael Stanley

Flexible Grey advances their mission of inclusion with Lane Michael Stanley’s fractured fairy tale about a non-binary knight on an adventure to save a trans princess who never needed saving.

Directed by Seth Johnson
Cast: Marquel Dominique, Chris Herrero, and Marcus Pinon

Imprint Theatreworks

Dirty Dirty Night Squirrel

by Cameron Casey

A trip to the zoo that doubles as a lesson about life, love, and the feeding habits of the North American Opossum. This offbeat, yet heartwarming look at familial relationships is destined to surprise and delight animal lovers of all stripes.

Directed by Taylor Mercado Owen
Cast: Leena Conquest, Gazelle Garcia, Josh Hepola, Courtney Mentzel, and Krishawna “Chief” Belle

Leos Ensemble

small hours

by Lucy Kirkwood and Ed Hime

A subtly haunting glimpse into a young mother’s harrowing, yet incredibly human battle with postpartum depression. Leos Ensemble presents the U.S. premiere of this incredibly powerful production.

Directed by Nick Leos
Cast: Barrett Nash

Lily & Joan Theatre Company

Marilyn, Pursued by a Bear

by Nicole Neely

Marilyn Monroe awakens in a mental institution and is forced to confront her issues with depression, darkness and doubt, as personified by the shadow of a looming bear in this companion piece to Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

Directed by Emily Burgardt
Cast: CC Weatherly, Stefany Cambra, Olivia Cinquepalmi, Caitlin Galloway, Clint Gilbert, Emily Grove, Sally Soldo and Satchel Victory

The Very Good Dance Theatre

The 1st Annual Gay Show

by Colby Calhoun and William Acker, choreographed by Danielle Georgiou

The glitz and glamour of an old-school beauty pageant acts as the framework for a candid discussion of visibility and representation. A thoughtful, yet entertaining look at all the ways in which we make a spectacle of putting humans on display.

Directed by William Acker
Cast: Gloria Benavides, Jeff Burleson, Colby Calhoun, Valerie Collins, Christopher Lew and Eli Webb

WingSpan Theatre, Co

Jo & Louisa

by Isabella Russell-Ides

An imagined conversation between renowned author Louisa May Alcott and her most famous creation, Little Women’s Jo March. One that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about both.

Directed by Susan Sargeant
Cast: Bethany Burnside and Victoria Wright


Kathryn Taylor Rose

Nobody Knows What They’re Doing

Kathryn Taylor Rose Makes her triumphant return to FIT following the success of her hit cabaret, Love Me Tinder. This time, Kathryn explores the pitfalls of adulting in her new show Nobody Knows What They’re Doing.


Jodi Crawford Wright

Songs My Mama Taught Me

Star of 2010’s Bible Women and local cabaret legend, Jodi Wright takes a stroll down memory lane as she reminisces on her childhood in Songs My Mama Taught Me.